Electromechanical Preset Counters

Electromechanical preset counters unlike totalising counters are devices with a control function; an output signal is given upon reaching a preset value which in-turn signals other devices. Electromechanical preset counters are non-scalable, the pulse duty factor is 1:1, therefore no setup or programming is involved making these counters extremely simple to connect and use. A “Modular 400” mounting system allows ease of installation and maintenance through a convenient plug in system, alternatively we offer standard screw or spring clip attachments. Single line (subtracting) or dual line (adding) displays are available, choose between 3 or 5 digits. Upon reaching a preset value (or zero for subtracting versions) the counter will give an output – the mechanical contacts of a SPDT relay will change status. Upon reset via the manual front button and/or an electrical pulse to the rear of the counter will return the relay to its rest position. The relay signal duration remains energised from when the preset has been reached until reset, counting is still possible during this time. Many counters within this range can be ordered with a key reset system, the front button is disabled preventing accidental reset - the reset button can only be operated by means of a special key which is inserted alongside the button and depressed resetting the count value and returning the SPDT relay to its rest position. Special reset versions can be ordered with a suffix code “SR”, please see individual products for information. Transparent hinged covers with a knob or lock can be ordered with your counter, these offer extra security and an additional degree of protection rating of up to IP65. Count input/reset voltages include: 24V DC: 24, 115 or 230V AC, other voltages may be available, please call or email us should you require any further information. Here we show Hengstler manufactured brands offering outstanding quality and reliability, they are all available for a quick delivery and competitively priced.

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