Electromechanical Timers

Here we show electromechanical preset and totalising timers. Totalising timers are devices without a control function; they accumulate elapsed time, this information is then shown via a mechanical display. Choose your required time format and power supply option, DC or AC voltages are available, mounting options include PCB, DIN rail, screw or spring clip panel attachment. Preset timers give an output signal upon reaching a preset value which in-turn signals other devices normally via a relay contact closure. Version 489 includes a “Modular 400” system offering ease of installation and maintenance through a convenient plug in system, also included within this range is the possibility of a special reset system whereby a key is inserted alongside the reset button used to zero the counter. Hengstler manufactured electromechanical timers offer outstanding quality and reliability, they are all available for a quick delivery and competitively priced, please see individual product details or call us for further information.

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