Electronic Timers

Here we show elapsed and preset timers manufactured by Trumeter, Veeder-Root and Hengstler. Throughout this timer range outstanding quality and reliability is offered, they are all very unique by design, competitively priced and available for a quick delivery. Elapsed timers are designed to simply accumulate a timed value and display this information; however, preset timers are designed to generate an output signal upon reaching a pre-programmed time, usually via a relay which in-turn is used to signal other devices. Preset timers/time counters can be supplied with an LCD or LED display; up to 7 digits are available ranging from 7mm to 18.5mm in height. Programmable time formats include, hours, minutes and seconds, please see individual product details for further information. Two display options are available here, these are battery or voltage powered displays. Battery powered displays are powered by an internal battery, in most cases timing can be achieved via contact closure of switches or sensors, therefore a permanent power supply is not required. Voltage powered displays unlike battery powered displays require permanent power so that the device is able to register and display the timed event, when power is switched off so is the display, however, the last timed value is retained. Visual symbols indicate an output status (preset versions only), for example, an open or closed relay symbol or an LED status light, or a full display colour change upon reaching a preset (C628 series only). We are confident that whatever your requirement, here you will find the ideal product to suit your application. Please contact us should you require any further information.

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