Pneumatic Timers

Pneumatic timers are designed to accept a continuous air input signal which in most cases can be displayed mechanically by means of a sweeping hand or mechanical figure wheel, other pneumatic timers operate via a volume or vacuum decay technology and typically do not display a process value, these are often referred to as ‘Set-it Forget-it’ pneumatic timers, they are usually sited within a control panel, calibrated once for a particular task, and rarely adjusted. Pneumatic timers are intrinsically safe and can be used where no electrical power is available.

Impulse Automation offers several types of pneumatic timers, these can be base or panel mounted with 4mm push-in, M5 or 1/8 NPT threaded connections. Time ranges vary from 0.2 to 3 seconds up to 100 hours or 99999 minutes (digital versions). Upon reaching a preset value, the status of a 5/2 or 3/2 way (normally open or closed) valve will change, removal of air from the control port or a pulsed signal to the reset port (digital pneumatic timers) will return the valve and reset the timer ready for a new start signal.

We have many years of experience with pneumatic timers; we know exactly what timer best suits your application. Our product portfolio is unmatched offering design flexibility, we are considered industry experts and our application knowledge is extensive. Our range of pneumatic timers are fully interchangeable with all other manufacturers, they are competitively priced and normally available from stock.

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