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  • Volt, Frequency, Current or Process Versions.
  • Dimensions (H) 72 x (W) 72 x (D) 53mm
  • LCD Display 12mm Digit Height
  • With Outputs or Display Only
  • 12-24V AC/DC Power Supply
  • Choice of Display Types
  • Operating Temperature -10°C to +60°C
  • Protection Class IP65 (Front Side)

Trumeter’s new APM series panel meters are easy to program, easy to use and highly visible, they are undoubtedly the most innovative panel meter available on the market today.

Panel meter options include: voltage, frequency, current or process, these are all readily available or on a quick delivery. Easy to download software through Trumeter’s website with a single cable connection (cable order code 022128-01) to any USB port on your PC is all you need to start customising this product.

Input ranges are: volt meter (0-600V), ammeter (0-5A), frequency meter (0-400Hz) or process meter (0 to +/- 10V DC / 0 - 50mA). Panel meters can be ordered with a negative (coloured readout on a black background) or a positive display (black readout on a coloured background), choose between a display version only with two alarm set points or with relay and analogue outputs (24V, 50mA Max. / 4-20mA).

Dynamic backlighting enables customisation of the display colour (green, red or white) and brightness; the large display is capable of full colour change or can repeatedly flash upon reaching a preset value giving an immediate visualisation of critical parameters from a distance.

The visual display comprises of a 4 digit numerical readout which can be scaled up to 3 decimal places; this is in addition to a 40 segment curved digital bar graph which is also fully programmable. The front message can be customised (factory set VOLT, FREQ or AMPS); this allows the user to differentiate usage where more than one meter is present.

Software is available here - Software Download

Trumeter has developed a series of quick informative tutorials, tutorials include: changing the backlight colour, set points and outputs, how to set the starburst display area, setting the number of decimal places, how to use scale & offset, how to set peak bar and hold and how to set the display range. All these videos can be viewed here - Tutorial Videos

For further detailed information please see the data sheets and instruction manuals below.

Downloadable Data Sheet - VOLT/AMP/FREQUENCY
Downloadable Data Sheet - PROCESS
Downloadable Instruction Manual - VOLT/AMP/FREQUENCY
Downloadable Instruction Manual - PROCESS
Part Number Description
APM-VOLT-APN Volt Meter Positive LCD Display
APM-VOLT-ANN Volt Meter Negative LCD Display
APM-VOLT-APO Volt Meter Positive LCD Display Includes Outputs
APM-VOLT-ANO Volt Meter Negative LCD Display Includes Outputs
APM-AMP-APN Ammeter Positive LCD Display
APM-AMP-ANN Ammeter Negative LCD Display
APM-AMP-APO Ammeter Positive LCD Display Includes Outputs
APM-AMP-ANO Ammeter Negative LCD Display Includes Outputs
APM-FREQ-APN Frequency Meter Positive LCD Display
APM-FREQ-ANN Frequency Meter Negative LCD Display
APM-FREQ-APO Frequency Meter Positive LCD Display Includes Outputs
APM-FREQ-ANO Frequency Meter Negative LCD Display Includes Outputs
APM-PROC-APO Process Meter Positive LCD Display Includes Outputs
APM-PROC-ANO Process Meter Negative LCD Display Includes Outputs
Downloadable Data Sheet - VOLT/AMP/FREQUENCY TTCC970 842.20 KB - PDF
Downloadable Data Sheet - PROCESS TTCC971 1.01 MB - PDF
Downloadable Instruction Manual - VOLT/AMP/FREQUENCY TTCC972 855.35 KB - PDF
Downloadable Instruction Manual - PROCESS TTCC973 767.65 KB - PDF

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