Pneumatic Totalising Counter | Panel Mounting 6 or 8 Digits

Pneumatic Totalising Counter 6 digit Display Pneumatic Totalising Counter 8 digit Display

Panel mounted pneumatic totalising counters register the total number of pneumatic pulses on a 6 or 8 digit display. Pneumatic totalising counters are easy to install, they are maintenance free and offer simplicity where essential pneumatic counting is necessary; a single connection to the count input port is all that is required.

Pneumatic counter options include non-resettable or button and pneumatic reset functionality, connection ports are either M5 threaded or 4mm push-in connections. Hinged covers can be ordered should your totalising pneumatic counter require extra protection or security. Visit our online shop for stock and pricing information.

Here’s a short video showing the operation of our totalising pneumatic counter being used in conjunction with a predeterming pneumatic counter, pneumatic clock face timers and a pneumatic proximity sensor. Other useful videos are available through our YouTube channel.

The most popular totalising pneumatic counters are: 50.670 | 50.650 | 0.495.464 | 0.495.465 | 0.495.422

Pneumatic totalising counters are normally available from stock, we offer direct replacements for all other major brands, please ask for further information.

Downloadable Data Sheet
Downloadable Drawing - 50.670
Downloadable Drawing - 50.650
Part Number Description
50.670 Pneumatic Totalising Counter 6 digit Display - Pneumatic & Button Reset
50.650 Pneumatic Totalising Counter 8 digit Display - Non-Resettable
Downloadable Data Sheet QZ002 523.62 KB - PDF
Downloadable Drawing - 50.670 50.670 RevA 126.71 KB - PDF
Downloadable Drawing - 50.650 50.650 RevA 136.64 KB - PDF

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