Absolute Rotary Encoders

Absolute encoders generate signals in response to rotary movement. In addition to measuring angular movement, they will measure a number of turns. Even when powered off then on, the absolute position is known.

There are many models to choose from, the most common Hengstler model to use is the Acuro AC58. This is a 58mm diameter housing with a solid shaft (6mm & 10mm) or hollow shaft (10mm & 12mm) options, with a maximum speed of 10,000rpm. An ATEX approved absolute encoder is also available - see the ATEX section of our website - ATEX Absolute Encoders

The final choice of model depends on how the data to and from the absolute encoder will be transferred. The early industry standard was SSI (synchronous serial interface), connecting an encoder with its dedicated controller. More recently different Fieldbus protocols have become state of the art in automation, and the absolute encoder has been developed into a Fieldbus slave for many standard protocols including:

  • SSi & BiSS
  • Parallel single turn or multiturn
  • Profibus
  • DeviceNet
  • Interbus
  • CANopen
  • CANLayer2

We have now created a dedicated encoder website with more data sheets, more products, technical advice and encoder application examples.

Please follow this link to be transferred to this website www.theencodercompany.co.uk

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