Pneumatic Counters

Pneumatic counters count pulses of compressed air which are in-turn shown on a mechanical display, they can be panel or surface mounted. Some pneumatic counters will give an output upon reaching a preset value (pneumatic ‘predetermining’ or ‘preset’ counters), whilst some pneumatic counters simply total the input pulses and display this information (pneumatic ‘totalising’ counters).

Pneumatic predetermining counters can be supplied as subtracting (single line display – reducing to zero) or adding (dual line display - one line of display shows the preset and the second line increments the actual count value). Our extensive range of pneumatic predetermining and totalising counters can be reset via a front push button and/or a pneumatic reset pulse, this resets the count value (pneumatic totalising counters) and/or can switch off the pneumatic output generated by reaching a preset value (pneumatic predetermining counters). Within this range we also offer non-resettable totalising counters or automatic reset predetermining counters which can give an output pulse rather than a continuous output until reset.

Pneumatic counters are intrinsically safe and can be used where no electrical power is available. Select up to 8 digits for totalising counters or 5 digits for predetermining counters with either M5 or 4mm push-in connections. Our range of counters are fully interchangeable with all other manufacturers, they are competitively priced and normally available from stock.

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